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Recent Update (as of February 15th, 2012):

  1. Multiway HTML-Entities Translator improved!
  2. Multiway Logarithm Calculator improved!

» This page may be the most useful page that you can get out of my whole site (and most stuffed too)! Enjoy it.

These are the most useful
Calculators and Converters I've created - only by using JavaScript.

Temperature Converters

First of all, Meet the bad boys...

°F - (Degrees) Fahrenheit
°C - (Degrees) Celsius
K - Kelvin
°Ra - (Degrees) Rankine

...And now, the converters!


  1. Please only enter numbers... or the calculator will generate faulty answers or a “NaN” (Not-a-Number) OR “undefined”.
  2. Answers that are too big for the calculator will be displayed as “Infinity” - but usually it's not really as big as Infinity (∞).
  3. Inserted operators (i.e.: + - * /) can be used, but watch out when doing some divisions.
    (i.e.: 1/0 makes the calculator gives an answer of “Infinity” when it's supposed to be undefined.)
  4. If possible, answers are rounded to 2 decimal places/the nearest hundredths.
  5. Entering values at either fields WILL work.
  6. Sample values had been put in (when the page first loads).
  7. Answers are automatically updated when:
    • Keyboard is pressed while one of the fields is active.
    • One of the fields is clicked/activated, and once the field is left/deactivated.

Source of formulas:


Multiway HTML-Entities Translator


Decimal HTML Entity: HTML-formatted Text:  
HEX HTML Entity:

RGB to HEX Two-Way Converter


Multiway Logarithm Calculator

M & B •→ E     |     B & E •→ M     |     E & M •→ B
Current Equation: LOG B? M? = E?

NOTE: For best results, please reset before changing modes (e.g.: from M & B •→ E to B & E •→ M, etc.).

General Calculator

Test Grade Calculator

Average Calculator

Hypotenuse Calculator

(Just enter the 2 numbers = "A" and "B")

Slope, Equation of a Line, and Slope-Intercept Form Calculators

NOTE: Calculators will only return decimals calculated-answers

Please provide points (x1,y1) & (x2,y2).

Please provide points (x,y) and the slope (m).

Please provide points (x,y) and the slope (m).

Please provide points (x1,y1) & (x2,y2).

These are automatically-generated
Lists I've created - only by using JavaScript.

List styles generated by JavaScript that are useful

Learn How To Write Numbers In Chinese! - Generated lists using the Chinese Numbered-List Style

HTML entity codes picker

There are some pretty cool and useful symbols that can be used from HTML entities! The problem is you might not know what the specific entity code you'll need to create a symbol that you want to use. This entity symbol/generator + some useful symbol picker might be a help.

Please enter the entity range to view: &#; to &#;  |OR|  Pick:

These are DHTML
Tests I've created - mixed with JavaScript.

Anti-Plagiarism/Plagiarism Detector

STRICTER Anti-Plagiarism/Plagiarism Detector

sTrIcTeZt Anti-Plagiarism/Plagiarism Detector

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